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Lattice Business Applications has been providing CRM/CMS application design for commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations since 1997.

The company began with the launch of Lattice Selection Language, an easy-to-use query builder and SQL generator, along with a suite of CRM, Involvement, and Analytics applications for the Web.

In 2008 Lattice launched its first enterprise-class CRM systems on the Microsoft ASP.NET/SQL Server platforms. These early systems utilized the Office Interop libraries to automate personalized document generation for cultural organizations and travel companies.

In 2009 Lattice added its first Web Content Management systems to the mix by utilizing LatticeScript, a markup language developed by John Winship, for automated document generation. Latticescript extends HTML in useful ways to produce rich HTML5 documents from plain text. It provides specialized tags and attributes for end note generation, dynamic document trees, complex annotated charts, and document sharing. LatticeScript has also been utilized as a macro language for personalized Web mail.

In 2014, the company designed and produced the Lattice Collaboration Framework, a social media application development platform with components for feedback forums, surveys, blogs, image albums, constituent groups, and document sharing.

In 2016-18, Lattice generalized its Web based CRM and CMS systems into the mobile/responsive Enclave brand, utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, and .NET Core. This website has been designed and rendered in the Enclave CMS.

In 2016-2017, we also began migrating all of our functionality from IIS and on-premise SQL Server to cloud-native architectures on the Microsoft Azure platform. The cloud-native effort continues to the present day, with emphasis on distributed databases, service oriented architecture and scalability.

In 2020, Lattice designed 3L, a new Web-safe data definition language. 3L is the core of the new Lattice Enclave Query Designer, a visual query builder that produces structured data lists in natural language, as well as a multithreaded, high performance SQL generator and execution engine. Now with the development of our 3L Language and the Enclave Query Designer, we are ideally poised to provide enterprise class software and services to CRM providers and CRM integrators.

Now all our Web-UI systems are being migrated to Angular/SPA, with back end Kubernetes-managed stacks, and we are rapidly converting our CRM/CMS experiences to Angular/SPA component libraries.


About John Winship

John Winship is a software architect and product designer with specializations in programming language design, lexical analysis algorithms, constituency behavior analytics, and enterprise class application design.

John is the president, and principal software developer of Lattice Business Applications Inc., a Boston area consultancy founded in 1997.

In 2020 John takes Lattice Business Applications to a new phase with the release of the Enclave Query Designer, an enterprise class query generator powered by the 3L data scripting language. This product has applicability for CRM/CMS integrators, database developers, and any Web content provider of data visualization services.


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