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Web CRM/CMS Components
Flexible, Responsive Knowledge Driven Tools for Every Need
  • Responsive

    Great presentation across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • Styling

    Integrated with Enclave CMS for consistent visual styling and presentation.

  • Knowledge Driven

    Controls connect to Enclave CRM data.

  • Vast Control Palette

    Lattice builds Web components for every data collection and presentation need, from image albums and slideshow designers to editable data grids and document trees.

  • Web UI moving to Angular/SPA
  • Controls for .NET MVC and Core
  • Responsive/Device-Independent
  • Multithreaded Web App/Service Support
  • Built-In Database Support
  • Built-In Validation and Malware Safeguards
Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
  • All components are moving from .NET/AJAX to Angular/SPA.
  • Design Mode Support for Developers
  • Intellisense Support and Style Generators
  • Dynamic Design Views
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  • Album Editors with Asynchronous Image Upload
  • Avatar and Wallpaper Designers
  • Slideshow and Folio Album Generators
  • Mobile/Responsive Modal Dialogs
  • Rich Text/HTML5 Editors, Web Page Scrapers and Hotlink Generators
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  • Document Trees and Menu Generators
  • Object-Based Visual Expression Builders
  • Multithreaded, Step-Based Progress Monitors
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  • Document/Product Grids and Tiled Product Grids with Search and Filtering
  • Tabbed Content Pages with Dynamic Loading and Event Handlers
  • Editable Data Grids, Sortable/Rankable Grid Items
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  • Automated Tag Cloud Generators
  • User-Modifiable Tag Cloud Builders
  • Public-Facing Tag Cloud Generators
  • Database Filter Integration
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  • Data Driven Calendars and Meeting Planners
  • Modal Date/Time Pickers
  • Fuzzy Date Collection and Presentation
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  • WYSIWYG CSS/Style Designers and Page Wireframe Selectors
  • Image Libraries and Image Selection
  • Rich Text Editors and User Comment Collection
  • Topical and Date Driven Document Trees
  • Forum and Blog Applications with Integrated Content Moderation
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  • Social Group Management and Group Collaboration Applications
  • Elections, Surveys, Form-Based Data Collection
  • Event Registration, Enrollment and Subscription Controls
  • Smart Teasers and Calls-to-Action

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