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Enclave CMS
Dynamic, Knowledge-Driven Web Presence Made Easy
  • Themed Styles and Wireframes

    Flexible wireframe architecture and WYSIWYG style designers.

  • Rich Content Editors and Visual Region Designers

    WYSIWYG Designers for headers, footers and sidebars.

  • Visual Menu Tree Designers and Dynamic Menu Generators

    Hierarchical menus, to arbitrary depth, with desktop, tablet and mobile presentations.

  • Album Editors, Tiled Image and Slideshow Generators

    Responsive tiled albums and slideshows with fast, slick navigation.

  • Broad Page Type Palette

    Topical landing pages, content lists, document search pages, publication pages and more.

  • Integrated User Involvement

    Surveys and Polls, Data Collection Forms, Content Ratings, Upvote/Downvote devices, Feedback Forums, and more.

  • UI moving to Angular/SPA
  • .NET Core, MVC, Classic
  • Tight integration with database content via Enclave CRM
  • Asynchronous controls throughout; no page postbacks.
  • LatticeScript HTML extensions for automated footnote/endnote generation, document trees, smart hyperlinks, content callouts and more.
  • Minimal use of open source libraries. All Javascript is custom, and the system codebase is wholly owned by Lattice, apart from the underlying .NET libraries.
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  • Visual Menu Designer
  • Site Map Navigator
  • Site Map Backup and Version Control
  • Rule Based Document Access Permissions
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  • Many Data-Driven Page Types
  • Extensible Page Type Architecture
  • Publication Pages, Content Navigators, Document Search Pages, Feedback Pages and more
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  • WYSIWYG and Script Based Content Editing
  • Powerful LatticeScript HTML Extensions
  • Automated Chart, Document Tree, and Footnote Generation using extended HTML tags and attributes
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  • Sitemap and Breadcrumb Generators
  • Document Lists with integrated Multimedia Resources
  • Flexible Presentation and Styling of Document Trees
  • LatticeScript driven smart hyperlinking and document annotation
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  • WYSIWYG Page Designers
  • LatticeScript Content Integration and Extended HTML
  • Page Sidebar, Header and Footer Designers
  • Scheduled Page Publishing and Content Pull
  • Extensible Web Component Libraries
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  • Themed Style Designer
  • Interactive Style Preview
  • Mobile/Responsive Wireframe Selector
  • Rich Palette of Wireframe Templates
  • Automated Page Flow and Space Utilization
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  • Built-In Image Albums
  • Tiled/Folio Album Designers
  • Slideshow Designers
  • Automated Image Attribute Detection
  • Rich Assortment of Slideshow Modes and Image Navigator Types
  • Multiple Albums per Page
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  • Integrated Survey, Poll and Data Form Designers
  • Rich Palette of Survey Question Types
  • Text fields, Checkbox fields, Multi-Choice fields, Multiline Text fields and more
  • Anonymous participants, authenticated participants, or both

This website has been designed with Enclave CMS— everything you see, with no open source softare and nothing added. This includes the responsive menus, slideshows, tabbed views, animations, and all script.


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