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Enclave CRM
Enterprise Constituency Relationship Management
  • Inform, Involve and Impress Your Constituents
  • Applications for Commercial Enterprises and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Web Presence for Everyone

    Apps for Prospects, Customers, Staff, Vendors, Donors, Patients, Members, everyone!

  • Transaction Types for Any Organization

    Catalog Sales, Subscriptions, Enrollment, Philanthropic Gifts, Association Dues, Elections and more.

  • Wide Array of Constituency Types

    People, Households, Corporations, Organizations, Divisions, Committees, Associations and more.

  • Demographics and Biographical Histories

    Interpersonal Relationships, Employment and Education History, Interests, Accomplishments, Publications and more.

  • Relationships
  • Interpersonal/Familial Relationships, Affiliations, Memberships.
  • Public-Facing Web Presence for Prospects, Customers, Donors
  • Web-App Management for Staff and Vendors
  • Integrated Web Design and Presentation via Enclave CMS
  • Integrated Queries, Lists and Datasets with Enclave Query Designer
  • PCI/DSS Compliant Web E-Commerce
  • HIPAA/PII Compliant Data Security
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  • Web Based Constituent Profile Apps
  • Address, Phone, and Web Contact Information
  • Household and Organization Address and Phone Information
  • Extensible Address, Phone and Web Media Types
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Organization Relationships
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  • Public-Facing Web Presence for Transactions and Calls to Action
  • Web-App Management of all Transactions with Constituents
  • Enclave CMS Web App Styling and Presentation
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  • Automated Appeal and Offer Generators for All Transaction Types
  • Public-Facing Web Apps for All Transactions, such as Elections and Surveys
  • Multimedia/Print Versions of All Data Collection and Involvement Forms
  • Web Mail Distribution of Printed/Digital Forms
  • Integrated Web Management of Promotions, Offers and Appeals
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  • Contact Management
  • Meeting Planning
  • Proposal Management
  • Multimedia Correspondence Archiving
  • Group/Project Management
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  • Web Based Public Facing Transactions
  • Integrated Credit Card Authorization and E-Commerce Support
  • Web Based Transaction Management and Support
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  • Flexible Constituent Affinities
  • Constituent Interests in Your Organization
  • Constituent Ratings, Proposals and Offers
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  • Flexible Transaction Management
  • Intuitive Constituent Support Tools
  • Integrated E-Commerce Support
  • Flexible, Configurable Views of Constituent Activity
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  • Committee and Working Group Management
  • Public-Facing Consoles for Committees and Groups
  • Document and Web Report Sharing
  • Governance Committees/Boards, Project Committee Coordination
  • Integration with Project and Proposal Management
  • Integration with Contact Management and Meeting Planning
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  • Web Based Public-Facing Profiles for Customer/Prospect Constituencies
  • User-Controllable Privacy Settings, Connections and Affiliations
  • Personal Messaging among Constituents and Groups
  • Constituent Announcements, Notifications, Promotional Teasers and Calls to Action
  • Tools to Help Constituents Identify Others with Common Interests
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  • Web Based Demographics Profiles
  • Gender Identification, Ethnicity, Race, Birth Dates
  • Address, Phone and Email Contact Sharing
  • Web and Social Media Link Sharing
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  • Automated Reports and Analytics on Transaction History
  • Report Generation to Web, Spreadsheets and Documents via OpenXML
  • Editable, Presentation-Quality OpenXML Reports
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  • Web Based Transaction Review and Staff Vetting
  • Filtered, Searchable Transaction Histories
  • Transaction Review and Integrated E-Commerce Support
  • Print-Friendly Views, Data Exports
  • Flexible Data Collection Forms and Surveys

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