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Enclave Query Designer
Queries and Structured Lists for Everyone
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  • Visual Designer

    Anyone can build queries and produce lists easily, with visual tools.

  • Natural Language

    Users browse and select familiar data descriptors. No clumsy database tables and fields.

  • Web Previews and Integrated Exports

    List previews anytime, anywhere. And structured exports are built into the language.

  • Web-Safe Automation

    Enclave Queries are automatable over the Web and contain no internal database information— not even table or field names— making them Web-Safe.

  • Drilldown

    Drill down through lists to arbitrary depth.

  • Powerful Query Script

    The Visual Designer is powered by 3L, a flexible and extendable query language.

  • Flat, Fast SQL Generation

    Generated SQL has a flat join structure with minimal use of temporary views and layering, for efficient indexing and fast performance.

  • Multithreaded Engine

    Enclave Query Designer is Web based for maximal accessibility, yet it is also a multithreaded, distributed application.

  • Web-Safe Query Submission

    3L Query Language contain and Enclave results contain no database schema information— not even table or field names— making it safe and secure to transmit over the Web.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
  • Configuration Tools for CRM/CMS Integrators

    Visual design tools that system administrators can use to extend Enclave Query Designer support to any knowledge base.

  • Expanded Database Platform Support

    Enclave Query Designer supports Microsoft databases today, but we are building libraries to support additional enterprise platforms including Oracle and IBM.

  • Enterprise List Manager

    We are building enterprise class tools that will allow any number of databases to be accessed from a single Enclave instance, across any number of servers.

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  • Easy-to-use Visual Query Designer.
  • Intuitive Expression Builders for selection conditions and output filters.
  • Tables and Fields are presented as natural language Descriptors that users are familiar with.
  • Users need no special knowledge of data types or how tables are joined.
  • Tables and fields connect to each other automatically, and Enclave Query results can be previewed onscreen at any time.
  • Enclave Query Designer is extensible and can be trained to produce queries and lists of any data entity on any database.
  • Visual Query Designer expressions are stored as script in the powerful 3L query language. In fact the Designer itself is optional: developers can write queries in 3L directly.
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  • Queries are presented and transmitted in 3L, a secure, Web-safe language that contains no underlying database schema information— not even table or field names!
  • 3L has a simple, direct format with minimal use of punctuation, using a natural language style that any end user of the data can easily understand.
  • The Enclave Query Engine generates SQL at runtime, from 3L script. SQL database information is never transmitted— neither in tests, nor in query results.
  • Data Export support is built right into the 3L language, making it easy to automate data stream production.
  • Generated SQL strictly segregates list assignment and output selection tasks, resulting in a flat, lean code structure and efficient indexing.
  • Enclave Queries can drill down into other Enclave Queries, to arbitrary depth. One can also run an Enclave Query on the combined results of any number of other Enclave Queries.
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  • Enclave Queries are reusable. Any number of distinct Output Schemes can be assigned to an Enclave Query.
  • Export Criteria are built into Output Schemes. Many output formats are supported, including CSV, Tab Delimited text, Pipe Delimited text, and even portable Worksheet formats via OpenXML.
  • Enclave produces paginated Web previews of 3L queries. All previews are navigable and exportable.
  • When used in conjunction with Enclave CRM, 3L previews automatically provide navigable links to Enclave CRM data elements such as Customer Profile pages and Transaction History.
  • The Visual Query Designer generates both Web-safe 3L script and executable SQL with every run. The 3L script can be automated through the runtime engine's API. Generated SQL can be executed on the database host for performance testing.


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