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Database Automation, Web Presence and Information Management

Lattice provides a full range of application development and consulting services to commercial and institutional enterprises, from analytics and project planning to database automation systems and Web/Desktop application development.

The website that you are now viewing has been designed and rendered entirely with our own CRM and CMS products and contains no shareware or third-party software whatsoever. Our extensive wholly owned codebase facilitates rapid, cost-efficient application development and enhances our clients' data security.

Here are some of the enterprise products and services that Lattice provides to its clients.


Database Design and Productivity

  • Constituency Management Database design
  • Transaction Management Database Design
  • Multidimensional Search and Fuzzy Search
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Distributed Data and Synchronization
  • Service Based Automated Data Transfer and Middleware
  • Web-Safe Query Submission and Reporting via Lattice 3L and Enclave Query Designer

Some Lattice Database Productivity Products

Programming Language Design

  • Language Interpreter and Parser Design
  • Natural Language Queries and Search
  • HTML Parsers and Extended HTML for Enhanced Content Generation
  • SQL Generator Design
  • Macro Languages for Web Mail and Report Personalization

Applications Utilizing Lattice Languages and Interpreters

Web Application Design

  • Angular/SPA Web UI
  • .NET Core, MVC and ASP.NET Platforms
  • Web Content Management and Themes via Enclave CMS
  • Cloud-Native Applications, Secure and Scalable
  • OAuth, Azure AD, Windows Active Directory
  • Integrated Commerce and Credit Card Processing (Worldpay SDK) Payment Processing/ worldPay SDK Integration

Some Lattice Web Presence Applications

Desktop and Service Application Design

  • Menu Driven/MDI Desktop and Browser Hosted Applications
  • Windows Form/WPF Applications and Windows Services
  • Database Automation, Integration and Reporting
  • Windows Active Directory/LDAP User Authentication
  • Document, Spreadsheet and Email Automation

Some Lattice Desktop Applications and Windows Services

Analytics and Program/Market Planning

  • Multi-Year Longitudinal Studies
  • Metadata Overlays (Credit, Wealth, Behavioral) via credit data service API's and SDK's
  • Automated Document and Spreadsheet generation via OpenXML
  • OpenXML and HTML5 Graphs and Charts
  • WebMail Report Publishing, Personalized Communications and Targeted Distribution
  • Modeling, Forecasting and Projections
  • Interpretive Analysis and Program/Market Plan Formation

Applications Utilizing Lattice Analytics




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