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Database Automation, Web Presence and Information Management

Lattice provides a full range of application development and consulting services to commercial and institutional enterprises, from analytics and project planning to database automation systems and Web/Desktop application development.

Lattice as a rule does not outsource software development, and we make minimal use of open source code. The website that you are now viewing has been designed and rendered entirely with our own CRM and CMS products and contains no open source or third-party software whatsoever. Our extensive wholly owned codebase facilitates rapid, cost-efficient application development and enhances our clients' data security.

Here are some of the enterprise products and services that Lattice provides to its clients.


Database Design and Productivity

  • Constituency Management Database design
  • Transaction Management Database Design
  • Multidimensional Search and Fuzzy Search
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Distributed Data and Synchronization
  • Service Based Automated Data Transfer and Middleware
  • Asymmetric Columnar Encryption (PCI/HIPAA Compliant Security)
  • Web-Safe Query Submission and Reporting via Lattice 3L and Enclave Query Designer

Some Lattice Database Productivity Products

Programming Language Design

  • Language Interpreter and Parser Design
  • Natural Language Queries and Search
  • HTML Parsers and Extended HTML for Enhanced Content Generation
  • SQL Generator Design
  • Macro Languages for Web Mail and Report Personalization

Applications Utilizing Lattice Languages and Interpreters

Web Application Design

  • Web Content Management and Themes via Enclave CMS
  • Mobile/Responsive/Device Independent
  • .NET CORE, ASP.NET, MVC Platforms
  • All Code Accessible and Collaborative via Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Minimal Use of Open Source and Third Party Libraries: no black box functionality
  • Intranet User Authentication via Windows Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Public Authentication via Native SQL Authentication and SAML
  • Integrated Commerce and Credit Card Processing (Worldpay SDK) Payment Processing/ worldPay SDK Integration

Some Lattice Web Presence Applications

Desktop and Service Application Design

  • Desktop Form Applications and Windows Services
  • All Code Accessible and Collaborative via Microsoft Visual Studio
  • ASP.NET Framework, C#/C++
  • Database Integration
  • Active Directory/LDAP User Authentication
  • OpenXML Document and Spreadsheet Automation
  • HTML5 Graph and Chart Generators

Some Lattice Desktop Applications and Windows Services

Analytics and Program/Market Planning

  • Multi-Year Longitudinal Studies
  • Metadata Overlays (Credit, Wealth, Behavioral) via credit data service API's and SDK's
  • Automated Document and Spreadsheet generation via OpenXML
  • OpenXML and HTML5 Graphs and Charts
  • WebMail Report Publishing, Personalized Communications and Targeted Distribution
  • Modeling, Forecasting and Projections
  • Interpretive Analysis and Program/Market Plan Formation

Applications Utilizing Lattice Analytics




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