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Involvement Apps
Web Based Constituency Engagement
  • Transaction Types for Any Organization

    Catalog Sales, Subscriptions, Enrollment, Philanthropic Gifts, Association Dues, Elections and more

  • Interpersonal and Group Collaboration

    Powerful Social Media Apps, including Blogs, Feedback Forums, Surveys, and Document/Image Sharing

  • Feedback and Notifications

    Product/Service Reviews, Ratings, Referrals, Promotions

  • Active Customer/Prospect Engagement

    Direct Response Advertising, Personalized Webmail notifications, Personal Messaging

  • Responsive Design and Device Independence

    Enclave Involvement Apps look and work great on any platform, from desktops and tablets to phones.

  • Enclave CMS Integration

    App styling through Enclave CMS for consistent branding and presentation.

  • Back End Management

    Involvement Transactions are managed through Enclave CRM.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Enclave Involve apps integrate with Enclave CRM Web Analytics.

  • Public-Facing Web Presence for Prospects, Customers, Donors
  • Web-App Management for Staff and Vendors
  • Integrated Web Design and Presentation via Enclave CMS
  • Integrated Queries, Lists and Datasets with Enclave Query Designer
  • PCI Compliant Web E-Commerce
  • HIPAA/PII Compliant Data Security
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  • Social Media Collaboration for Groups
  • Blogs and Document/Image Sharing
  • Feedback Forums
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Automated Promotions, Teasers and Invitations
  • Group Search and Membership Requests
  • Group Member Profile Pages
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  • Elections, Polls, Surveys
  • Web Application Forms and Data Collection
  • Landing Pages for Applicationo Review and Vetting
  • Many Question Types— Binary, Ranked Choice, Qualitative, Multi-Choice and more
  • Document/Image Sharing for Public Participants and Reviewers
  • Preview Modes for Staff Testing and Verification
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  • Multi-Step Transaction Forms
  • Integrated Credit Card Authorization and E-Commerce Services
  • Registered/Authenticated and Guest/Anonymous modes
  • Web and Personalized Email Receipts
  • Responsive/Device-Independent Presentation
  • Consistent Styling and Branding, with no redirection to external domains.
  • HIPAA/PII Compliant Information Security, PCI/DSS Compliant E-Commerce
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  • Robust Gift/Pledge Transactions for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Prepopulated contact/billing information and preferences thru Enclave CRM
  • Prepopulated meta-preferences— gift/pledge amounts, funding preferences and more.
  • User preferences are database hosted, persistent, cookieless, and secure.
  • Enclave Involve Apps support both authenticated and anonymous/guest transactions.
  • HIPAA/PII Compliant Information Security, PCI/DSS Compliant E-Commerce.
  • Integrated styling and branding, with no domain redirection from start to finish.
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  • Event Registration, Course Enrollment and Subscriptions
  • Web Configuration and Review for Staff
  • Intuitive Public-Facing Web Forms
  • Multi-Step Forms
  • Draft Save for completion across multiple sessions
  • Multi-Person/Group Regisrations, Subscriptions, Enrollments
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  • Web-Based Transaction Setup
  • Web-Based Transaction Participant Review
  • Integrated Reporting of Involvement
  • Built-In Staff Preview/Mockup Modes
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  • Collaborative Transaction Review
  • Interactive Review/Vetting for Staff
  • Built-In Reporting and Analytics
  • Print Versions of Involvement Offers and Reports
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  • Automated Offer/Promotion Generators
  • Smart Audience Targeting via Enclave Query Designer
  • Multimedia Offers to Web/Interactive and Print/Direct-Response
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  • Interactive Web Reporting
  • Built-In Administrative Support and Transaction Completion
  • Searchable and Filtered Transaction Histories
  • Secure, PCI/DSS Compliant Monetary Transactions
  • Built-In Exporting and Print-Friendly Views
  • Export of Reports to Editable, Presentation-Quality Workbook Formats via OpenXML


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