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Here is a list of the technology that is presently utilized by Lattice Business Applications.

Application Types

  • Windows Services (.NET)
  • Web Services (.NET Core, MVC)
  • Web Applications (ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC)
  • Multithreaded Web Applications (.NET)
  • Mobile Apps (.NET Core, React, Unity)
  • Windows Desktop Form Applications (.NET)

Desktop and Windows Service Application Development

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Forms and Services
  • C++/C#, VB.NET

Web App/Service Design

  • Microsoft ASP.NET, CORE, MVC
  • Adobe, Corel, GIMP
  • CSS 3+, SASS, LESS
  • LatticeScript Dynamic Content Language

Mobile App Design

  • Visual Studio, Unity
  • .NET Core, React
  • C#, Python

Print/Email Document Automation

  • MS Office Interop/VSTO API's
  • OpenXML Document and Spreadsheet SDK's
  • LatticeScript Dynamic Web Mail
  • Telerik Flow


  • Worldpay/Authorize.NET
  • Cybersource
  • Square


  • PCI/HIPAA Compliance
  • TLS1.2+ Compliance
  • Asymmetric Data Encryption
  • Active Directory/LDAP Authentication
  • SAML


  • MS SQL Server and Azure
  • Microsoft .NET, Business Intelligence Studio
  • Lattice 3L Query Language

Non-Profit Services

  • Blackbaud Raisers Edge™ Automation (API/VBA Libraries)
  • Experian demographics and behavioral trends
  • Wealth Engine™ SDK

Enteprise Integration

  • Unification of CMS and CRM functionality under one application umbrella
  • Editable OpenXML Documents, Workbooks and Charts
  • Active Directory/LDAP and Federated/SAML authentication and permissions
  • PCI/HIPAA Compliant Security
  • User-Friendly Natural Language Queries and Search
  • Service Based Automated Data Transfer and Presentation
  • Integrated Payment Processing and E-Commerce Services (Authorize.NET/Worldpay SDK)
  • Personalized Web Mail and Automated Distribution (LatticeScript Personalization, SMTP)
  • Integration with Leading Prospect Rating Services (Experian, Wealth Engine)

Lattice makes minimal use of open source code, both to protect its intellectual property and to maximize PCI/HIPAA security. Lattice has a wholly owned codebase across its CRM/CMS/Web product space. The company's extensive proprietary mindshare facilitates rapid, cost-efficient application development.


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